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”There are few other sectors the Internet can so profoundly change.”
Wall Street Journal in August 1999. About the market for existing homes.

In the end, the Internet will transform the role of the real-estate professional into one of coordinating all the services related to moving. The web is changing the real-estate business, so the idea of the broker will have to change. The broker will have to become more consumer oriented” The Wall Street Journal Interactive edition, July 8, 1999

While the Real Estate sector largely has NOT changed since 1999 DESPITE books like Platform Revolution, Sprint etc, is doing what the Wall Street Journal predicted - changing the rules of the market by offering a unique concept for homes and real-eastate renting, swapping and buiyng/selling (incl "wish to buy" & "wish to rent" listings). Our ability to easily handle both local and cross-country /-regional transactions with several languages and currencies makes us the worldwide one stop shop for both local AND global home transactions.

WELCOME - Live Long and Prosper. I co-founded this site with 6 friends in 1999 - long before AirBnb. The main reason we -yet- are dwarfed by them is that I Failed to convince our board/investors that Yes the world WAS ready for us. They strong-armed a new CEO and forced us to focus on linear-growth
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JT Foxx himself signed our stylish hat! We Love his book 

COMPARISON 2019 Consider ye olde paper daily Newspaper 

Read about the NEW in Dagens Industri ad sep19 2009 (ENGLISH): 

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Example 1: say you live in Stockholm but will work in Copenhagen for a year. Swap homes with someone in Copenhagen for that year by using

Example 2: The bridge between Malmoe and Copenhagen was built to boost the Öresund regions growth. helps by creating one (1) Öresund home-market; providing a transparent cross-the-bridge Öresund service to match housing needs on both sides of the bridge (renting, swapping, buying and selling).

Example 3: LET'S SAY you want to buy  or rent a  house in Thailand (or Stockholm,  London, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro or wherever): Create a free "wish to buy" and another "wish to rent" listing-ad. You receive e-mails from lazybee when A) people "announce interest" on your listing OR B) matching "for sale" and "for rent" listings are found or added by people who rent out apartments/real estate AND realtors/agents/"mäklare", for-sale-by-owners/"privatpersoner som säljer själv eller vill hjälpa sin lokala agent/mäklare på traven" on
Simple. Free!

Click HERE to use

Lazybee was launched july 1999, now has hundreds of thousands active members worldwide. The Vision is to create a global market for existing homes on the internet; a sort of eBay for Real Estate. lets you create free listings (for sale/wish to buy,  for rent/wish to rent, swap/exchange homes/properties/apartments/villas etc) --- handles multiple countries/currencies/languages with automatic (global) matching of listings and offers 100% anonymity. LazyBee is run by Zhen AB, who also operates the e-relocation service

Question: not so many listings except for Europe, USA and some in China, Thailand + some more!?

Answer: we are growing fast by word-of-mouth (providing a unique service free) + by a mix of marketing including Linkedin & Youtube + ads in magazines that targets the Expats & jet-set, like this one. Nbr of listings in YOUR city EXPLODES when u make a free listing + spread the word. Just like the fax-machine got increasingly better the more who got a fax-machine!  

"Great, it works! Now we just have to increase the numbers."
    ------------ Fedex founder commenting on the fact that only one (1) package was sent the first day they opened.

CONTACT US: email: info (@) [remove spaces, ()-chars etc]


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